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Child Rape Lawsuit Filed Against Members of X Clan, Blackwatch, and Famed NY Recording Studio

(June 28, 2020: Update at the end of article)

New York–A lawsuit filed in New York’s Supreme Court on Tuesday, May 26, 2020, accuses X Clan’s Jason Hunter and Lumumba Carson of repeated sexual assault of a minor child.

The action was brought by Patrice Griffin, now 44, pursuant of the New York Child Victims Act which allows victims of child sexual abuse whose statute of limitations has run out a one-year window to file claims. The initial “look-back” window was set to expire August 14, 2020, but due to COVID 19 and related shutdowns, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo extended the window until August 14, 2021.

In 1989, Patrice Griffin was 14 years old and living with her mother when she joined the Blackwatch Movement. Blackwatch was started by Lumumba Carson (Professor X), son of famed Brooklyn activist Sonny Carson.

Blackwatch often displayed Egyptian symbols and was known to be a militant, pro-Black Nationalist activism group that promoted pride and self-awareness.

Jason Hunter (Brother J) would later describe Blackwatch as, “a school for young poets, musicians, and producers who were loyal to the mission of Black Liberation.”

Before joining Blackwatch, Brother J and Anthony Harden (DJ Sugar Shaft) were already doing music. Soon after, the rap group X Clan was formed with four members: Professor X, Sugar Shaft, Brother J, and Claude Gray (Paradise Gray).

(l-r) Professor X, Sugar Shaft, Brother J, Paradise Gray

In an interview with AllHipHop, Brother J discussed the similarities of Blackwatch and Afrika Bambaataa’s Zulu Nation and how both groups used hip hop as a means for turning around gang activity. The Zulu Nation started in the Bronx as a hip hop awareness group that promoted, “peace, unity, love, and having fun.” Both Blackwatch and the Zulu Nation started when Brooklyn based religious cult leader Malachi York exhibited great influence over rappers and musicians.

York, head of the Nuwabian cult, is incarcerated after receiving a sentence of over 100 years for numerous child sex trafficking charges. Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation also stand accused of child sexual abuse after several men came forward in 2016. These men allege Bambaataa sexually abused them when they were between the ages of 12 and 15.

Shortly after joining Blackwatch at the age of 14, Patrice Griffin became secretary to Professor X who was 33 years old. At the time, X Clan was preparing to release their legendary album, To The East, Blackwards.

After getting kicked out of her mother’s home for cutting school, Professor X allowed Patrice to sleep at their office in Brooklyn. Patrice remembers being always hungry while waiting for someone to return so she could eat. If days passed with no food, she resorted to eating out of garbage cans.

Pretty soon, Professor X started referring to Patrice as his “golden child.” This could refer to a concept taught by Malachi York. York taught that having sex with a child was an ancient ritual that was not only prescribed but produced fierce loyalty in that child and was the opening of a sacred spiritual chamber.

After taking up residence in the office, it was not long before Patrice says she was sexually assaulted by Professor X and Brother J, who would have been 18 or 19 years old. Already desperate for food and shelter, she did not know where to turn. Patrice had already been caught sneaking into her mother’s house in order to eat as much as she could while her mother was out.

The complaint filed says the assaults took place in hotel rooms, public bathrooms, and at a famed New York recording studio. Professor X would take Patrice to the recording studio as they were working on the album, To The East, Blackwards.

“I was a child. They were supposed to be all about Black Consciousness. They said they would take care of me. But they raped me, drugged me, and allowed other men to rape me.”

The suit also alleges the pro-Black, militant, “conscious” group overwhelmed Patrice with alcohol and cocaine until she was semi-conscious. It further alleges that Professor X, Brother J, and a group of approximately seven other males violently raped and sodomized her in the lounge area of a recording studio. According to the complaint, studio engineers and employees were present but did not intervene nor call authorities.

After this assault, a female member of Blackwatch took Patrice to a doctor. While she was waiting to be seen, this person made a phone call to check in with the Blackwatch office. Patrice said after the call, the woman was flustered and then, “got me the fuck up out of there.” She did not get to see a physician that day.

Patrice’s story is an example where all of the adults in a child’s life failed that child.

Leila Wills

Professor X, Brother J, Sugar Shaft, and approximately six other men are also accused of violently raping and sodomizing Patrice at a Manhattan hotel. There seemed to be no end to the sexual abuse and no protection for the 14-year-old girl.

A United States Army Veteran, Patrice says she was repeatedly abused by Professor X, Brother J, and other transient men of Blackwatch until she ran away at 17. She once ran away to a shelter at 15 and activist Sonny Carson, Professor X’s father, came to see about her.

Patrice said Sonny Carson was well aware of what was taking place inside of the Blackwatch Movement but did not do anything to stop it. Blackwatch had a defined hierarchy and Sonny Carson was Master Overseer, Professor X was Overseer, and Brother J was Underseer.

“I told him [Sonny Carson] myself and instead of helping me, he wanted to have sex with me.” Carson removed Patrice from the shelter and returned her to the Blackwatch office.

In an interview with Troi “Star” Torrain, Paradise Gray swore he knew nothing of the sexual assaults that were taking place. He only acknowledged that Patrice was a drug runner for the group. But Patrice produced text messages that say otherwise.

“Most victims of child sex abuse miss the statute of limitations because trauma affects them in a way that causes them to delay disclosure of their abuse until they are older. Studies show that the average age to disclose is 52, with the median age of 48.”


The civil complaint says that as a result of the abuse Patrice endured, she has suffered great pain in mind and body, severe emotional distress, and has been prevented from the full enjoyment of life. “I am in therapy now and have been in therapy for most of my life. I still suffer from PTSD.”

Professor X died in 2006 reportedly from meningitis, Sugar Shaft died from complications due to AIDS in 1995, and Sonny Carson died in 2002. Brother J and Paradise Gray are both still alive.

Patrice joined other child victims of sexual abuse in activism to change the statute of limitations that are prohibitive to justice.

In 2018, Patrice started Patrice’s Kids as a way to educate parents and caregivers on the insidiousness of pedophiles and child abuse.

She is also publishing a book about her experience, The Unconscious Community, which will be out in August.

“I am telling my story to help other survivors and I hope other women who were abused by the Blackwatch cult will come forward.” Metropolis

June 28, 2020: Update

Yesterday, June 27, 2020, Brother J of X Clan denied any and all rape allegations by him and any other member of X Clan. Brother J also said he does not know of any lawsuit and said all of this is bullshit and gossip.

In 2017, Troi “Star” Torrain interviewed Brother J and Paradise Gray. It was a tricky interview in some places but both men denied all allegations of child rape.

Star also interviewed Jacob York, son of Malachi York, who was a good friend to Patrice. Jacob says that Patrice disclosed details of the abuse to him in the 1990s.

Hear both interviews below. Metropolis

Part 1: Brother J and Paradise Gray on The Star Report, April 2017

Part 2: Brother J and Paradise Gray on The Star Report, April 2017

Part 1: Jacob York on The Star Report, April 2017

Part 2: Jacob York on The Star Report, April 2017




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