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Grandmaster T.C. Izlam’s Murder and Documentary Footage

Photo: Leila Wills
Photo: Leila Wills

by Leila Wills

At approximately 2:05 pm on Thursday, June 8, 2017, Grandmaster T.C. Izlam was found unresponsive with a single gun shot wound to the chest on an Atlanta sidewalk. Preliminary police reports say that T.C. Izlam was accosted by two men and subsequently shot by one of them. He was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at Grady Hospital five miles away.

Atlanta Mobile Police Units responded to the scene after receiving a “Person Shot” call. EMS and Atlanta’s Fire Department also responded and transported him to the hospital. Atlanta’s Homicide Unit then arrived at the hospital and location where he was found. Crime Scene Units then processed the scene of the shooting.

Police Report and Lead Detective Jamael Logan

 One suspect is in custody but Atlanta Homicide has not yet confirmed his identification or possible affiliations. It is also unclear if he is being charged with the shooting or how he may have been involved. The investigation is being led by Detective Jamael Logan.

Story Update, June 21, 2017

One Suspect in Custody Identified, No Information on Second Suspect

Update – Trelle DeShawn Hough, 19, has been in custody since T.C. Izlam’s murder. He is being held in Fulton County Jail charged with murder and armed robbery. His aliases include, “Terrell, Trellie, and Terrelle.” The investigation is ongoing and his possible affiliations are unclear. There is no bond for murder and, so far, no information released on second suspect indicated in police report.

Hough’s prior arrests are listed below. More of his criminal history may exist but he would have been a juvenile prior to 2016 so the records are not available.


Booked on 02/05/2016
Released on 02/12/2016
Charged with Disorderly Conduct

Booked on 04/27/2016
Released on 04/29/2016
Charged with Expired Or No License On Person, LOITER PROWL, Theft By Receiving Stolen Property- Felony, Possession of Tools for the Commission of Crime

Booked on 09/20/2016
Released on 10/18/2016
Charged with Criminal Trespass, FAILURE TO APPEAR – Expired Or No License On Person, FAILURE TO APPEAR – LOITER PROWL, FAILURE TO APPEAR – Theft By Receiving Stolen Property- Felony, FAIURE TO APPEAR – Possession of Tools for the Commission of Crime, Theft By Taking, Willful Obstruction Of Law Enforcement Officers – Misdemeanor

Booked on 04/26/2017
Released on 04/27/2017
Charged with FAILURE TO APPEAR-Expired Or No License On Person, FAILURE TO APPEAR-LOITER PROWL, FAILURE TO APPEAR-Possession of Tools for the Commission of Crime, FAILURE TO APPEAR-Theft By Receiving Stolen Property- Felony

Booked on 06/12/2017
Still in Custody
Charged with Armed Robbery and Murder

Update June 30, 2017: Second Suspect Arrested and In Custody


Photo: AJC.com
Photo: AJC.com
Taleeb Paige Mugshot
Arrest Photo

Update – Taleeb E. Paige, 36, of Jonesboro, GA was arrested on June 28, 2017 in relation to the murder of Grandmaster T.C. Izlam. Atlanta police was assisted by Clayton County’s Fugitive Squad in serving a warrant and his apprehension. Paige has been charged with two counts of armed robbery and one count of murder. He is being held at Fulton County Jail. His affiliations have not been released. Story will be updated with more of the suspect’s criminal history. Preliminary reports show arrests for cocaine possession, marijuana, possession and theft. Aliases include Paige, Phillip; Paige, Talceb; Paige, Talceb Emmanuel, Paige, Talced, Paige, Taleeb, Paige, Taleeb E., Paige, Taleeb Emanuel; Paige, Taleeb Emmanuel, Paige, Taleed E., Paige, Taleeh.

TC Izlam Murder

Story Update, September 1, 2017

Murder Charge Against Hough Dropped

Update – The murder charge against Trelle Hough, the first suspect, has been dropped. Hough is still in custody in Fulton County with a single charge of armed robbery. The murder charge against the second suspect, Talceb Paige, still stands. In addition to Murder, he is also charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Possession of Firearm During Commission of a Felony (Person of Another) and Possession of Firearm by a Convicted Felon. Paige appeared before a grand jury on August 24th and Hough is scheduled to appear before a grand jury on September 11, 2017.

Original story cont’d

Three weeks prior to his murder and over the course of a few days, I interviewed T.C. in Atlanta for an upcoming documentary on the allegations of child sex abuse against Afrika Bambaataa (Lance Taylor). The house where I met T.C. is within a one block radius of where he was shot.


During our interview, T.C. stated to me that he was in Atlanta because he had been in hiding and on the run for the past year after resigning as International Spokesman for the Universal Zulu Nation. T.C. said he had received numerous death threats via phone calls from what he described as “Bambaataa’s fan club.” He said the threats accused him of disloyalty to “the Father” and that he would “end up in a box.”

We kept in touch and had many discussions and this is one of his messages to me –

“…ur the first journalist to see my tears and from the bottom of my soul thank u queen for allowing me to let a burden go.hope we can talk soon. Sending u much protection and light queen.u r a jewel…”T.C. Izlam

A year prior to my interview, T.C. was on Shot97 with host Troi “Star” Torrain. During that interview he stated that he had received over 25 death threats. Star broke the story of the molestation allegations against Bambaataa and a year long public battle within the Zulu Nation ensued. Alleged victims and defectors were allegedly threatened and offered bribes.

T.C. Izlam on Shot97


This statement is not to accuse Afrika Bambaataa or the Zulu Nation of T.C. Izlam’s murder. These are the facts as I know them.

No announcement of the film was to be made for another four weeks. However, after T.C.’s murder, the public is rightfully concerned with the facts surrounding the case and what he may have said during our interview. In the interest of the public, I am releasing a small clip of raw, uncut footage of T.C.’s interview. Note: This video is not a trailer for the film.

My heart goes out to Mrs. Shirley Bell as she endures this horrific tragedy and my deepest condolences to his children, the rest of his family and many, many friends.

Footage from Upcoming Documentary

T.C. Izlam after his interview for documentary