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Part 2 – Chicago Radio Stations 107.5 and 92.3 FM are Using Hitler’s Tactics Against Black People

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner Michael O’Rielly, Chairman Ajit Pai, Commissioner Brendan Carr and Commissioner Geoffrey Starks

Chicago–While the Feds are in town, we need this other federal agency to take iHeart’s 107.5 FM and Crawford Dontron’s 92.3 FM to task. We assert that these stations are aiding and abetting street violence by broadcasting songs of public shootings and gang beef. We further assert that they glorify drug use, misogyny, prostitution, and more anti-Black messaging. We are demanding their broadcast licenses be revoked and we want them out of our city and off of our airwaves.

The Clear the Airwaves Project filed a Class Action Complaint against these stations with the FCC’s Media Bureau and Radio Complaint Bureau

A petition against these stations began on July 1, 2020. To date, over 1,700 people have signed on. We are asking everyone to see this crisis and to sign the petition immediately.

“I have a love of music. You have the most powerful force [music]…when it crossed the line in terms of lyrics, the message was, sorry, that doesn’t compute. It is also a signal to the companies, not just the talent, that you shouldn’t be marketing stuff that includes a message of hate.” —Rabbi Abraham Cooper on Cannon’s Class

Chicago radio stations 107.5 FM and 92.3 FM, and other similarly-formatted stations across the country, all think that silencing the words n*****, b****, and other racial and gender-based epithets in lyrics makes songs “clean” and suitable for broadcast. What they cannot silence is the message of anti-Black hate.

Meanwhile, they don’t even TRY to mute gang-speak, shoot, kill, Lean, Molly, or Percocet. They promote mass shootings, child murders, drug use, misogyny, pedophilia, and nigger killings without any excuse whatsoever. Just think, if white people were saying these things against black people on commercial airwaves, you would swear it was a Klan rally. Click here to view some of the lyrical content.

You will not find this violent language or imagery on any other station format that targets a different audience (i.e., Pop stations)…only on stations that target the black audience age 12 and up.

Media and imagery provide a marketplace and education on a segmented population 

Commercial radio is another term for public airwaves which is also a marketplace. It is where corporations buy airtime to market their products to a specific audience while simultaneously providing financial support of these stations. We have also forwarded our FCC Complaint and Petition to their advertisers.

Through the imagery on these stations, the public is being educated. Through this education, the outer society, and even the targeted group itself, gains perspective, draws conclusions and makes judgments for or against this segmented population. Members of this segmented population and in this case, black youth, internalize the stereotypes and see them as ambitions.  

Murder, gang life, drug use, misogyny, pedophilia, mass shootings, are all romanticized in music and promoted on 107.5 and 92.3 twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Click here to view some of the lyrical content.

To understand the power of negative propaganda on Chicago radio stations 107.5 FM and 92.3 FM is to understand the Third Reich’s propaganda machine. People who study genocide characterize this type of dehumanizing propaganda as an early warning to genocide that we should take extremely seriously.

Goin’ for buckets [of tears], I bought a chopper [AK47] I got a big drum, it hold a hunnid, Ain’t goin’ for nuthin’ I’m ready to air it out on all these n****s, I can see ‘em runnin’Rockstar by DaBaby

WGCI and WPWX blast DaBaby all day, every day. He just graced South Holland for a 20-minute drive-up concert this weekend and some people paid as much as $1,500 to get a spot up front.

Image source: Bella Goth on Twitter

I’on [I don’t] work jobs, bitch, I am a job,  You don’t like it? Take a hike, Pay me for a suck and slob, I’m a rich ass bitch with a attitude–Jobs by City Girls

This song glorifies prostitution and can be heard on 92.3 and 107.5 at 9:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

If your group is being targeted with hate speech, you must take it seriously

On propaganda, Hitler wrote, “[its] task is not to make an objective study of the truth, in so far as it favors the enemy, and then set it before the masses with academic fairness; its task is to serve our own right, always and unflinchingly.”

After seizing power in 1933, Hitler established a ministry of propaganda. Its purpose was to communicate the Third Reich’s message through radio, music, art, the press, books, and theater. Director Joseph Goebbels wrote, “The national education of the German people will be placed in my hands.” 

Through this propaganda machine, Hitler waged an imagery war which gave him psychological control over the decision-making power of the people. They either outwardly joined his side or silently stood by. Once he announced his Final Solution, he had little opposition. 

It is the responsibility of black people in this country to not allow this dehumanizing imagery in music and radio to continue unchecked. It is, in the very least, systemic racism. In the very worse, it is a precursor to genocide.

Please sign the Clear the Airwaves petition now.

Crawford/Dontron CEO Donald B. Crawford

But this is discrimination and what about free speech?

The only discrimination is the message of hate given to black audiences as opposed to white audiences. Radio stations also discriminate against other published music in order to propagate the worst images of black people as possible.

Do you see commercial radio stations that target white audiences play songs about being a meth-head and a mass murderer? No. Why is that?

Crawford’s Dontron and iHeart love to glorify the savage stereotypes that we have been trying to overcome since the days of slavery:

  • Violent black males bragging about their sexual organs whose only desire is to sex as many women as possible, kill anything moving and live by illegal means.
  • Then the over-sexualized Black females who are whores, love every minute of misogyny, and who will give birth to more fatherless demons that will terrorize civilized society. 

Our music scene has been perverted 

It is time for us to get a hold of our imagery in mainstream media and commercial radio. 

Jewish people are diligent about the first hint of anti-Jewish sentiment spoken in public settings. They know that allowing this type of rhetoric to go unchallenged could end in genocide and a world war. 

This is simply a matter of freedom of speech. 

It is not. 

It is about dehumanizing you through propaganda. 

It is about incarcerating you. 

It is about hating you.

It is about building a public opinion about you.

It is about genocide. 

It is about fratricide. 

It is about a holistic effort to aid our ailing city. 

The combination of hatred and technology is the greatest danger threatening mankind —Simon Wiesenthal

If media companies like iHeart and Dontron are allowed to keep their propaganda machines going, there will be no sympathy nor intercession for you and our communities will never heal. 

Quietly answer these questions in your own mind:

  • Are young, black males in the hood completely out of control?
  • Is the imminent threat of violence a major factor stopping you from exploring historic parts of the city?
  • Do you feel sorry for any black male arrested or do you automatically think he must have done something to deserve it?
  • Would you want to get off an elevator if a black male from the hood gets on?

According to Nielsen, no matter how people answer surveys, recent advancements in neuroscience describe nonconscious emotions and responses as the drivers of decisions. People do not even realize that these factors are affecting what they do until it is a time of emergency or an important decision is at stake. 

The public’s education through media affects their nonconscious emotions and responses. 

But no one listens to the radio anymore

Out of 263 American cities, Chicago is the third-largest radio market behind New York and Los Angeles. Our metro population is almost eight million with a black audience, aged 12 and up, of 1,344,800. That’s a lot of people not listening. 

Has Chicago been better or worse since iHeart came to town?

Hmmm, let’s see…how should we look at this? Well, if a business is in the city, being a responsible stakeholder is sometimes measured by community involvement and the treatment of your customers and employees.

Since iHeart came to town, key interactions with the black community ended: Live broadcasts from a local event or business and voter registration drives. Low voter turnout coincides with this lost public service from a major influencer and the audience became obsessed with national celebrities instead of hearing their own communities highlighted on the air.

We also had on-air personalities that visited at least two schools a week on their own time and without pay. “You cannot monetize community involvement,” was one sentiment.

“Put the Guns Down” became a new mantra on his show and, with the help of Father Pfleger, other stations started to push it. “It really meant a lot coming from him. He was fully invested in the community,” said Father Pfleger.

Music is a mood-inducing stimulus

Ramonski Love was the first DJ in Chicago to play Public Enemy’s Fight the Power and he was a welcomed guest at any event all over the city. Inspirational songs would be mixed into the regular rotation and the induced mood stayed upbeat. 


How many n****s you shot? And I’m booted up on Molly are the morning affirmations. 

Message to the People from 107.5 FM and 92. 3 FM 

Chicago is a world-class city and has always been at the forefront of music but our radio station billboards feature lowlife national artists with no Chicago ties. 

This messaging means Chicago has no local talent, no local on-air personalities, no music scene, and no local events. 

University of Windsor

What’s the call-in number?

WGCI’s hotline for song requests turned into a “Thotline.” 

THOT means that hoe out there. 

This radio station literally called their request line in our great and phenomenal city full of progressive black people a Thotline for our young women to call.

Please sign the Clear the Airwaves petition now.

How do they treat their employees?

Troi “Star” Torrain, a broadcast journalist, is the first to point out how radio stations that target the black audience are the only stations that have a gossip segment. This is where black women with college degrees are reduced to on-air gossip girls. Not businesswomen. Not teachers. Not artists. Not offering anything of substance to our young people. Just celebrity gossip.

From what I hear, these stations have some other internal racism and inequities that they also need to address.

DJs complain of inequity in contracts, no promotions, no bonuses, no nothing. Just sit there and play what we tell you to play. 

Did I tell you that Kwabena Rasuli, one of the founders of the Clear the Airwaves Project, had a meeting with iHeart’s Matt Scarano and Angela Ingram? Yes, this was a few years back and Kwabena was trying to get them to change their programming.

He asked Scarano, “How can you, as a white man, play songs that call black women b’s?”

Matt Scarano replied, “They consider me black around here.” 

Angela Ingram said nothing.

Calling black women b’s is not part of mainstream black culture. It is part of the underbelly that your station loves promoting. 

You know what I mean, right Matt? 

Like the underbelly of white culture that you DON’T glorify on KISS FM?

Get Out of Our City

Chicago was better off without iHeart’s WGCI 107.5 FM and Dontron’s/Crawford’s WPWX 92.3 FM and we want them out of our city. They also clearly hate their black listeners.

Please sign the Clear the Airwaves petition now.

The Clear the Airwaves Project filed a Class Action Complaint with the FCC’s Media Bureau and Radio Complaint Bureau against these stations. 

A petition against these stations began on July 1, 2020. To date, over 1,700 people have signed on. 

Many people in Chicago stopped listening to these stations a long time ago and have no idea that they have become instructional to the shootings plaguing our city.

Help us spread the word.

  • Clear the Airwaves is demanding the FCC launch an immediate investigation into these radio stations and other similarly-formatted stations across the country
  • The immediate end to the broadcasting of obscene, vulgar, violent lyrics
  • All advertisers end their financial support of these stations
  • The FCC revokes their licenses for these violations and betraying the public trust.

Please sign the Clear the Airwaves petition now.

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We want them out of our city so we can get our youth under control without their do-more-harm involvement. Metropolis

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