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If you love food, you must try Yassa

3511 S. King Drive Photo: Leila Wills

In 2007, husband and wife, Madieye and Awa Gueye, thought they would have to close their doors. Not enough people knew the delicious food they were serving up…that is until a reporter from WTTW’s, Check Please, had dinner. The rest, as the saying goes, is history. Foodies from all around the city have come to Bronzeville to enjoy the authentic cuisine of Senegal. Lunch and dinner entrees of lamb, fish, chicken and vegetarian dishes, are all $15 or less.

Madieye and Awa Gueye

Madieye and Awa are from the Wolof Tribe in Senegal, West Africa. Awa, the restaurant chef, was known for entertaining guests at home and serving them heartwarming food so delicious that their friends would rave about her cooking for weeks.

Madieye decided to bottle it and the restaurant was born in 2004.

Just like home, Awa serves her guests generous portions and a variety of her home cooking. You could go to Yassa’s every day and still get something different! Sides include spiced rice, cabbage, plantains…and don’t forget the appetizers!

Yassa’s is BYOB but you can also enjoy their homemade fresh ginger punch and Bissap, a drink made with Red Hibiscus.

Open daily from 11a – 10p, Yassa’s is definitely a south side jewel who has found a good home in Bronzeville. Metropolis

Watch Madieye and Awa on Check Please